Category: Volunteer Work

  • Crimson Moon Tavern

    Crimson Moon Tavern

    Founded in 2005, Crimson Moon is the only all-inclusive, hangout for the LGBTQ+ community. It is located in my former neighborhood of North Wilmington, Delaware. Known for its first floor video bar and second floor dance club, the venue suffered a fire in November 2021 that left them inoperable. Owner Don Bischoff said to WHYY,…

  • Helping Hands – There After Foster Care

    Helping Hands – There After Foster Care

    This past March, I completed logo design for a new nonprofit agency based in Boulder County, Colorado. Helping Hands – There After Foster Care is a charitable organization dedicated to helping young adults who are aging out of foster care, providing support and emergency funding for education, housing, medical aids, and other essential items. To…

  • The Blueprint

    The Blueprint

    This past year was bookended by grassroots political advocacy for me. Come to think of it, while living in Washington DC most years are, but in 2020, work came to me from all areas of the spectrum.  The mission of The Blueprint? The tagline “Shifting purple counties to blue” highlights their plan of building community around Democratic…

  • Prayer Candles for COVID-19 Relief Efforts

    Prayer Candles for COVID-19 Relief Efforts

    UPDATE: In Spring 2020, the prayer candles were acquired by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History as part of their COVID-19 pandemic collection efforts. “The new materials will join long-standing existing collections documenting past epidemics and pandemics, as well as other national crises such as the Great Depression and the Sept. 11 attacks.”— Smithsonian’s…

  • Kevin Carnell “Merman” for Pride 2020

    Kevin Carnell “Merman” for Pride 2020

    We’re quarantined, and in the words of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, “I want to be where the people are.” I broke up the constant stream of Netflixing and book reading with an illustration of a merman, which is based off of the fitness model Kevin Carnell. Stay safe (and wash your hands), everyone!

  • MakeGood Bakery

    MakeGood Bakery

    I recently completed logo design for MakeGood Bakery. Based in Kenya, they offer high-quality, homemade American baked goods, including cookies, bars, pies and cupcakes. In addition, MakeGood creates better opportunities for disadvantaged youth, serving as a training center. For more information, visit their Facebook page.