Yes, it’s true. I needed my own logo. How have I gone this long without taking care of the home team?! Of course I would get so busy with the work of others that I forgot about myself.

In late December 2013, I unveiled my lifestyle brand kodiseaton.com, which includes blogs on issues of motivation, health, and fitness, as well as a noted monthly mixtape (Club Koko) and a weekly podcast (The Swirl). The website coincided with my first People magazine feature.

The fun of my job as a designer is helping others to define their visual style. That being said, it was a great lesson to utilize many of the same questions I pose to others on myself. 

I knew I didn’t want my face to constantly be seen on the site and the materials, so I tried to leverage some of my favorite ideals into the logo design. 

As a Philadelphia-area native and former Boy Scout, I identified heavily with eagles, who are noted for the heights at which they can soar. Eagles are also a tried and true American representation of freedom, selected as the emblem of the United States in 1782, because of its “long life, great strength and majestic looks.

My logo borrows heavily from that idea in its design with wide, outstretched wings and elements of a fleur de lis, which typically represents royalty. Finally, the mark was completed with a stylized “K” in a heavy slab serif, which is my favorite typeface style.

I’m officially exhausted over talking about myself but very pleased with creating a clear, identifiable mark for myself. Thank you for reading and please take a look at the process below. 

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KodiSeaton.com Logo Sketches


KodiSeaton.com logo
KodiSeaton.com logo